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Dear Authors,
the Editorial Board of the Criminalist’s Library Scientific Journal welcomes your manuscripts (scientific articles, information notes, reviews of publications and scientific conferences, critical reviews, etc.) and will be happy to publish them provided they meet the general requirements established by the Rules for manuscripts prepared by the authors. These rules apply to all materials submitted to the journal editors for publication. The Editorial Board has the right not to accept the material submitted for publication in case the author fails to observe the rules for the manuscript design and layout, and also at finding elements of plagiarism.

Rules for the authors presenting manuscripts to be published in
“Criminalist’s Library Scientific Journal”

To be accepted for publication the manuscripts should correspond to the profile of the scientific periodical, i.e. these should be only materials on legal subjects related to various branches of law and crime prevention sciences or those directly connected therewith.

The subjects of the published manuscripts are determined according to the subject heading list which can be found on the Criminalist’s Library Scientific Journal site (www.bkrim.ru).

The manuscripts submitted for publication should be not published earlier and not intended for simultaneous publication in other periodicals.

They should be executed at a high scientific level and contain results of topical studies on corresponding problems, be of scientific importance and practical value.

Manuscripts written by students, post-graduate students and doctoral candidates are accepted for consideration in the presence of a written recommendation of the scientific supervisor or the corresponding university chair.

Manuscripts are submitted to the Editorial Board in electronic form (to the e-mail address: post@bkrim.ru) or printed out with an electronic copy on a CD or another carrier enclosed. The electronic versions of the manuscripts are to be presented in the MS Word format (*.doc or *.docx). The file name should contain the surname of the author or the first of the co-authors (for example, "Petrov I.I.doc").

Volume of the publications: for the authors having scientific degrees – up to 1 publication base sheet (40,000 symbols, including intervals and bibliographic footnotes); for post-graduate students and doctoral candidates – up to 0.5 publication base sheet (20,000 symbols, including intervals and bibliographic footnotes). In case the material submitted is of a larger volume than provided by these Rules, the Editorial Board reserves the right to accept the manuscript for publication in full, reduce it or return it to the author for shortening.

Structurally the first page of the text of the manuscript should show the surname, name, patronymic of the author in Russian, the name of the manuscript in Russian, a summary (resume) of the manuscript in Russian – up to 100 words, keywords (up to 10 words), followed by the basic text.

The summaries (resumes) may not repeat the content of article, be formulated in general words not stating the essence of the research the results of which are given in the scientific article. The summary (resume) should briefly state the main idea of the article; it is recommended to keep to the structure of the article (introduction, aims and purposes, research methods, results, findings or conclusion).

The basic text should be followed by: the surname, name, patronymic of the author in English, the name of the manuscript in English, the summary of the manuscript translated into English, keywords (up to 10 words) in English, and also a bibliography containing a numbered list of literature sources in the format provided by the current state standard (GOST R 7.0.5-2008).

The bibliographic list is built up in alphabetic order (first – publications in Russian, then – in foreign languages); it should contain only scientific articles, monographs and other publications; normative legal acts and other legal documents are to be included not in the bibliographic list, but in the paginal references and footnotes.

At forming bibliographic lists it is recommended that the authors should review published articles, monographs and other scientific publications on similar subjects and give not fewer than two references to magazines and scientific publications of the Yurlitinform publishing house.

The manuscript design should meet the following requirements: page layout (margins) – left - 3 cm, right – 1.5 cm, top and bottom - 2 cm; font - Times New Roman; size: basic text and bibliographic list - 14 pt, resume and keywords in Russian and English - 12 pt, paginal references and footnotes - 12 pt; intervals: in the text – 1.5, in the references and footnotes - 1; paragraph indent in the basic text and resumes – 1.25 cm, in the references and footnotes - 0; page numbering – center bottom. Hyphenation - automatic. Text alignment – justified.

The paginal references, footnotes are placed  page by page, with a through numbering and should be arranged according to GOST R 7.0.5-2008 "Bibliographic references".

To connect the paginal references and footnotes with the principal text a footnote mark is used; to connect the bibliographic list with the principal text reference is made using figures (sequential numbers and source page numbers divided by a comma). Reference in the text to the source works is placed in square brackets. For example: [10, p. 81], where "10" - the source number in the bibliographic list, and "p. 81" – the page number. If the author refers to a source as a whole, only its number in the bibliographic list is given in square brackets.

If necessary, the text of the article can include illustrations (black-and-white drawings, tables) and formulas. The drawings, tables and formulas are numbered through using Arabic figures. The text must contain references to all tables, drawings and formulas. The drawings (schemes, maps, pictures, photos) should be clear and contrast. Drawings are inserted into the Word text in the place required by the meaning followed by center-aligned captions (fig. number and heading). Each drawing should be also presented in a separate graphical file (*.jpg; minimum resolution - 250 dpi) and/or a high-quality (scan-suitable) copy. At composing tables the headings and subheadings of the columns are stated in the singular and placed, as a rule, parallel to the table lines. Perpendicular (vertical) arrangement of the column headings is allowed if necessary. The table is placed under the text where the reference to it is made or, depending on its size, on the following page, and if necessary – in the appendix to the text.

The electronic version of the manuscript should be accompanied by a separate file with a filled-out questionnaire of the author. The data contained in the questionnaire are necessary for publication in the journal and for communication of the editors with the author (the contact information, except for the e-mail address, is not subject to publication). The questionnaire is to be filled out by all authors of the publication.

Submitting the text of the manuscript for publication in the journal and the questionnaire, the author warrants the correctness of all his/her personal data, absence of plagiarism and other forms of wrongful borrowing in the manuscript, proper execution of all borrowings of the text, tables, schemes, illustrations. It is recommended that the authors should carefully check the spelling of all materials, proper writing of the corresponding legal terms and the appearance of the text of the manuscript and references before sending the manuscript to the journal.

All the manuscripts presented are reviewed by the members of the Editorial Council and Editorial Board of the journal according to the profile of the manuscript submitted and (or) scientists being recognized experts in the subject of the materials reviewed invited by the Editorial Board. The author of the article will be notified about the decision taken within 40 (forty) working days after the manuscript is received by the Editorial Board (whether the article is accepted for publication, rejected or whether additional work of the author on the article is necessary).

The editors will send to the authors the reviews to their manuscripts received in electronic form. If requested by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation the reviews shall be given to the Higher Attestation Commission at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and/or the Ministry. At refusal to send the manuscript presented by the author for review the Editorial Board shall give him/her a grounded answer.

No payment for the publication of articles is charged. No fee shall be paid to the authors.

One of the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission is inclusion of the publication in the Russian scientific citation index system, which presupposes open access to the materials of the published articles in the Internet. Sending his/her materials to the journal Editorial Board, the author knowingly agrees to the placing of his/her materials in open access in the Internet.

The authors assign to the Editorial Board the exclusive right to the use of their manuscripts as follows: reproduction of the article (right to reproduction); distribution of the article by any method (right to distribution). Presenting the material delivered to the editors is an implied action directed at the appearance of the corresponding rights and obligations. The consent of the author to the material publication under the said conditions, and also to its placing in the electronic version of the journal is presumed. The Editorial Board reserves the right to place the materials and articles of the journal in electronic law magazines and other electronic databases.

In case of infringement of the requirements of these Rules the manuscript will not be accepted for consideration and review or, following the decision of the editor-in-chief, can be returned to the author for additional work thereon. The manuscripts sent to the authors for additional work are to be returned to the Editorial Board within the recommended time limits. The author shall indicate the changes made in the manuscript in his/her accompanying letter to the same.

At the author's failure to observe the requirements of these Rules the Editorial Board shall have the right to reject the material presented by the author indicating the reasons for such rejection.


Editorial Council

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