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Понедельник, 20 ноября 2017 г.
About the Journal







The Criminalist’s Library Scientific Journal  is a periodical publication that was registered by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (ROSKOMNADZOR) in the year 2011.

Registration certificate: ПИ №С77-45685 of July 7, 2011.

The publication has been included in the List of Russian Peer-reviewed Scholarly Journals in which the fundamental scientific research results of dissertations for the academic degree of PhD or higher doctorate must be published.

The publication has been included in the database of the Russian Science Citation Index (www.elibrary.ru).

The founder of the journal is Jurlitinform Publishing House (Moscow, Russia).

The journal is published six times a year and distributed by subscription in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The main feature of this scientific publication is an interdisciplinary approach. To develop the anti-criminal component of jurisprudence at an up-to-date level, it is necessary to provide interaction between experts who carry out researches in its many branches – criminal law and process, criminology and criminalistics, organization of law enforcement activity and judicial statistics, international criminal law and process, and also those who form modern methodology of jurisprudence. Owing to this fact, the journal is aimed at public coverage of the whole complex of anti-criminal problems of legal sciences, and results of new actual researches in this sphere, having significance for development of jurisprudence, legislation and law enforcement practice.

The journal is intended that its authors and readers will be researchers, scientists, practitioners, teachers in higher education, doctoral candidates, postgraduates and students of legal educational institutions, and all those who is interested in development and application of new scientific achievements of jurisprudence.



Table of contents of the current issue – 5/2017: 



Rossinskaya E.R.

Toward the 95th anniversary of R.S. Belkin – a scientist and a teacher

Antonov O.Yu.

Forensic characteriztion of crimes and mechanism of crimes: creative heritage of R.S. Belkin and the current concept

Baev O.Ya.

Several informal reminiscences of R.S. Belkin

Vinitsky L.V.

The role of R.S. Belkin in the formation and development of forensic science in Kazakhstan

Volchetskaya T.S.

The role of professor R.S. Belkin in forming the situational approach in forensic science

Volynsky A.F.

Worldview as the dominant of the scientific exploit of Raphail Samuilovich Belkin

Gribunov O.P.

Situational approach and its impact on organization and tactics of investigation of property crimes committed in railway transport and air transport

Ishchenko E.P.

From the origins of forensic science to the superproblem of today

Kruchinina N.V.

Works of professor R.S. Belkin as the basis for development of the doctrine of forensically significant information

Kustov A.M.

From the mechanism of crime to means and methods of identifying the criminal event taken place

Meshkov V.M.

Toward the 95th anniversary of Raphail Samuilovich Belkin

Rossinskiy S.B.

Combined technologies in modern criminal procedure and forensic science

Samishchenko S.S.

Dactyloscopic formula of man: history and contemporary meaning

Starovoitov V.I.

Realization of the ideas of professor R.S. Belkin in the field of olfactor investigation of the smelling human footprints

Chulakhov V.N.

On forensic systematics as a part of the scientific heritage of R.S. Belkin

Shapiro L.G.

On the problems of preventing expert errors (in the light of conceptual ideas of R.S. Belkin)

Yablokov N.P.

Investigative thinking in the aspect of the history of formation of investigatory bodies



Pushkarev V.V.

Concept of series of crimes: logical-cum-philosophical basis of legal terminology



Borulenkov Yu.P.

Theory of evidence and proving: the evidence system as a house of cards

Dubrovin V.V.

Exercise of the right of the accused above sixty-five years to have his/her criminal case considered by the court with participation of jury members

Latypov V.S.

«Knowledge» or «expertise» – isn’t it time to understand?

Moiseeva T.V.

Rejection of candidates to jury members

Pavlova E.V.

Methodology for assessment of the expert's opinion by the prosecutor – the public prosecutor

Solovyev A.B.

Use of evidence as an element of criminal procedural proving



Akchurin A.V.

Content of the data constituting brief forensic characterization of fraud committed by convicts in corrective institutions

Arslanova A.R.

Tactical features of various types of search as a non-verbal procedural step in checking a crime report

Zinin A.M.

Physiognomics and diagnosis of the person

Isaenko V.N.

Judicial practice within the system of sources of private methodologies of investigation of crimes

Komyagina Yu.S.

Technical and forensic principles of investigative actions

Lavrukhin S.V.

Concealment of crime and its place within the mechanism of behavior of the criminal

Pleshakov S.M.

Expansion of the subject of forensic science: is it a success or a crisis of contemporary science?

Chistova L.E.

Genesis of scientific beliefs on forensic methods and means to combat crimes associated with narcotic drugs, psychotropic, potent and poisonous substances



Abdulina E.V.

Compulsory genomic registration in Russia from the point of view of forensic medical expert: problems and prospects

Isaenko M.V.

On improvement of practices of using results of molecular genetic research in pre-trial proceedings on criminal cases



Bazhanov S.V.

Prosecutor's supervision over procedural activities of pre-trial investigation authorities



Gasanova U.N., Shcherba S.P.

Impartiality, objectivity and justice as international standards of the prosecutor's activity in the field of criminal proceedings

Kayumova A.R.

Toward the issue of the legal nature of the obligation to extradite or exercise prosecution by law (aut dedere aut judicare) in the international criminal law

Litvishko P.A.

National Pre-Trial Investigations into War Crimes Committed Abroad



Guliyev I.A., Alyakin D.S.

Prevention of oil theft according to the law of the people's Republic of China



Kholevchuk A.G., Popova O.S.

Content analysis of dactyloscopic literature for the purpose of improvement of educational training of experts in the USA



Grinenko A.V., Alontseva E.Yu.

Presentation for identification: legal and organizational aspects

Dyachuk A.A., Kosmodemyanskaya E.E.

Psychological features of persons who have committed crimes of mercenary thrust and of mercenary violent thrust and, their registration in activities of employees of law enforcement authorities

Sysenko A.R.

Specific features of using techniques aimed at recollection in the description of the pouter appearance of a person

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